Christmas Tree (Alternanthera)

Plant Care Instructions*

Plant Care*:

Joseph’s coat grows well in containers and can be overwintered indoors.

These plants come from hot, sunny climates, so they thrive with plenty of sun. Joseph’s Coat is known for its bright foliage colors, but these eye-catching hues only shine when in full sun. These plants can tolerate partial shade, but they may lose some of their coloring and take on a leggy or lanky look.

Joseph’s Coat needs a lot of water to stay happy. Around an inch per week is ideal. Soggy soil can kill your Joseph’s Coat. But on the other hand, drought can too. Keeping a consistent soil moisture level will help you to avoid any problems. Let the first inch of the soil dry out before watering to avoid overwatering. If you forget to water, you may notice that your Joseph’s Coat is quick to wilt, but don’t panic. These plants spring back quickly with a good drink. In Winter, hold back and give your plant a drink when the top two to three inches of the soil is dry.

Joseph’s Coat loves rich, fertile soil. Not only does this give the plant the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, but it also allows crucial drainage. Soggy soil can quickly kill your plant, so good drainage is a must.

With rich soil, Joseph’s Coat does not require much additional fertilizer. Too much can burn and kill the plant. However, in poor soil, your Joseph’s Coat would do well with liquid fertilizer, such as fish emulsion. Give this during the Summer months, every two or three weeks is best. During the winter, you will want to withhold fertilizer. This will allow the plant to rest during its naturally slow growing season.

Joseph’s Coat is native to humid areas. This makes keeping a regular watering schedule very important. 

* Standard care recommendations - you may need to adjust based on your home or office environment.

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