Plant Care Instructions*


There are several varieties, including:
Alabama Red , 
Nebraska, White Heart, Utah, Aramon, Sempre Brown, California & Matiz 

Plant Care*:

Average room temperatures from 65°F/18.3°C - 75°F/23.8°C (maybe a little higher and not below 60°F/15.5°C). Lower temperatures will affect its leaves (may turn yellow), impede its growth and flowering.

The Anthurium is a lover of light - but not direct sunlight.

Keeping the soil moist at all times within the summer is advisable. Water every couple of days and less in the winter.

A good draining soil is best suited, such as a peat moss based potting soil and perlite.

These are re-potted within spring usually every 2 years, or when they become pot-bound.

Anthurium loves being misted with a light spray of lukewarm water, regularly. Cleaning lightly with a gentle sponge is advised, which improves humidity - and makes it look healthy.

* Standard care recommendations - you may need to adjust based on your home or office environment.

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