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Aquamarine (Pilea Glauca)

Plant Care Instructions*


Aquamarine Pilea features a cascading carpet of small, rounded blue-grey leaves on reddish tendrils. This fast grower is ideal for hanging planters or terrariums and thrives in a high-humidity environment found in a bathroom or kitchen. Good for miniature gardens, fairy gardens, and terrariums.

Plant Care*:

Pilea requires a year-round temperature between 60-75 ºF (15-23 ºC). It can tolerate short periods of time outside of this temperature range, but continued exposure will kill the plant.

This plant requires at least four hours of indirect, but bright, sunlight a day. Do not permit this plant to be exposed to overly bright or direct sunlight. Too much sun will burn the leaves and cause the green parts to turn brown.

Pilea needs to be watered differently during different times of the year. During Spring and Summer, the top quarter inch of the soil should be kept moist. During Fall and Winter, allow the top quarter inch of soil to dry out before watering again. Do not permit water to stand in the saucer underneath the plant.

This plant prefers a sandy soil mixture to live in. Combine one part clean sand (or perlite) with two parts peat to provide the required soil content for continued health.

Check the root density of Pilea every spring. If the roots are becoming overly dense, transplant the plant to a size larger pot. If you do not, the root system will break the container in an attempt to find more room to grow.

Normal air humidity will please this plant. If your home is overly dry during the winter, mist the leaves every other day with plain water.

* Standard care recommendations - you may need to adjust based on your home or office environment.

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