Bicolor (Dracaena)

Plant Care Instructions*


Each slender green leaf of this plant features pinstripes in tinted shades of pink and green. Dracaena are also known for their air-purifying abilities and will survive in most household environments. This is a perfect indoor plant for beginners.

Plant Care*:

A brightly lit spot without direct sunshine is suggested. A small amount of morning or evening sun is not a problem.

We recommend watering once a week, keeping the soil evenly moist, but never wet. Over-watering can be an issue with Dracaena. In the Winter months, allow the soil to dry out in between watering.

A fast draining, high quality potting soil is best. You can do a 50/50 mix of natural potting soil / cactus blend, or mix generous amounts of perlite and vermiculite in to your potting soil.

We recommend feeding from April through the end of September with a high quality, general purpose houseplant fertilizer.

* Standard care recommendations - you may need to adjust based on your home or office environment.

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