Tricolor (Kalanchoe)

Plant Care Instructions*


Kalanchoe (collin-CO-wee), an evergreen plant native to tropical Madagascar, is a common houseplant grown for its attractive, numerous clusters of long-lasting colorful flowers. Flowers comes in shades of yellow, orange, or red.

Plant Care*:

Average room temperatures from 65°F/18.3°C - 75°F/23.8°C and no lower than 50°F/10°C, is best; avoiding frost if they are grown or sitting outside for a period of time.

The Kalanchoe is a tough plant which can tolerate various lighting conditions, although it enjoys resting on a windowsill that is bright, but not too much direct sunlight during the summer. Some growers around October time will try and provide the plant with plenty of dark hours at night (up to 14 hours) to allow it to rest to encourage future blooms.

Because it's a succulent it will hold water within its leaves. There's no need to keep the soil damp all the time. When they need watering it's a good idea to give them plenty and then allow the soil to become dry again.

When grown outside the plant thrives in most soils. Grown indoors a good potting mix that drains well will suffice.

A standard liquid fertilizer diluted can be used once a month or so from spring until the end of summer. Check the instructions, for the fertilizer bought.

These are re-potted around spring time. Do be careful when re-potting because the leaves can snap easily. They are kind of brittle.

Normal room humidity is fine and they do not require misting.

* Standard care recommendations - you may need to adjust based on your home or office environment.

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