Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia), Judith Hindle & Scarlett Belle

Plant Care Instructions*


The Judith Hindle is one of the most sought-after pitcher plants. It has a unique ruffled hood that covers most of the pitcher's opening, and it has striking red veins. 

Average mature height: Up to 16 inches.

The Scarlet Belle pitcher plant grows up to 1-foot tall. The rounded hoods have slight openings, and the pitchers have red veins with white markings. The low-lying angular leaves form a basal rosette (A basal rosette is when leaves grow out in similar lengths from a stem base and resemble the leaves of a rose.)

Average mature height: 1 foot.

Plant Care*:

High light. Full sun to lightly filtered sun.

Keep moist to wet at all times.  Place a tray of water underneath to keep the plant wet.  Always use a distilled or rain water to prevent poisoning the roots with too many minerals.   

Grows well in peat, peat/perlite, or sphagnum moss. 

* Standard care recommendations - you may need to adjust based on your home or office environment.

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