Mountain Glory (Senecio)

Plant Care Instructions*


Grow senecios in a bright spot. Like most succulents, these are high-light houseplants that will take as much sun (or artificial light) as they can get. Succulents in the genus Senecio have flowers that are daisylike and yellow, or red-orange puffs. Blooms dry into dandelion-like tufts. Leaves range from sky blue through shades of green.

Plant Care*:

Keep this succulent between 60-75ºF (16-24ºC) during its active cycle. During the resting period, daytime temperatures must be 60-65ºF (16-18ºC) and night-time temperatures must be 40-55ºF (4-12ºC).

These plants prefer their sunlight to be indirect or filtered. Do not expose to sunlight during the heat of the day. A healthy plant will show dark green growth with red edges if the right amount of light is being provided.

The soil must have careful attention paid to its moisture levels. The roots must never dry out, but the top 1/3 inch of soil should become dry between watering. Water senecios sparingly --- only after the soil dries.

Best mixture for this plant to thrive is 3 parts potting soil to 1 part pumice, bark chips, or perlite. Pumice is preferred.

Once a week during the Summer and Fall months, offer your plant a balanced mixture of fertilizer such as 10-10-10, diluted to 1/4 teaspoon per gallon. In the Spring, a blooming fertilizer such as 7-9-5 should be used. During the winter rest period, use the balanced fertilizer, but reduce feeding to once per month.

As the root system expands, your plant will need to be re-potted. Every 2 years, move the plant to a single size larger pot. Do not remove the soil from around the roots during transplant. Instead, shake the excess off, and fill in the gaps around the roots with new soil. Never re-pot within a month of blooming.

During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, normal room humidity is tolerated. During the winter rest, humidity should be lowered with a dehumidifier in the resting room. Senecios don't mind dry air (unlike most houseplants!), but they don't like to be exposed to drafts, so protect this plant from blasts of hot or cold air that may come from drafty windows or heating/cooling vents.

* Standard care recommendations - you may need to adjust based on your home or office environment.

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