Tiger Jaws (Faucaria Tubercolosa)

Plant Care Instructions*

Plant Care*:

Faucarias are a good choice for anyone wanting to start growing succulents. They are quite hardy and can take a short period of light frost and in very dry warm regions these succulents make very impressive out door ground covers. They need full sun to light shade with a well-drained soil mix, but can tolerate a wide variety of soil types and growing locations as long as there is plenty of sun. The plants are well watered during the growing season and allowed to dry thoroughly before watering again and will tolerate some overwatering. During the winter months, the plants should be kept very dry, only watering enough to keep the leaves from shriveling.

As house plants they tend to grow in fair weather and rest when temperatures are too hot or too cool.

The yellow flowers are 4 cm across and very showy.

* Standard care recommendations - you may need to adjust based on your home or office environment.

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